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Musical: Hong Kong Rocks

Date: 07/08/2018

Track List

1. …And They Turn into Stones! (Song: … Once Upon a Time)
2. View from the Lion Rock (Song: 登登登櫈)
3. My Father is Over the Ocean (Song: And the Ocean Cries)
4. When the Sun Doesn’t Shine … Jazz it Up!
5. Song: Let Music Flow
6. Mysterious Guest at Midnight
7. Nightmare on the MTR
8. Song: Easeplan Andsta Ackba Om fra Etha Oorsda
(Please Stand Back from the Doors)
9. Good Morning HK… Now Please Hurry!
(Song: Circle game)
10. Song: Morning Tea
11. Yum Yum … Bill please!
12. Street Talents Concerto in Ab Major
13. Song: In Search of
14. Shopping Paradise 20%Off
15. Song: Welcome
16. Introducing Mister Iron Cane from Temple Street!
17. Song: Street Artists
18. Mr. Fortune Teller… Tell Me… Tell Me How…?
19. Song: Tell Me Why
20. The Story Behind the Longing Rock
21. Farewell Stone Child! (Song: The Longing Rock)
22. Children All Over the Hills… (Song: The “Ocean” Reprise!)
23. Curtain Call