Putonghua Tutors

  • WU Yu-ling

    Native in Putonghua, Wu graduated from the Hong Kong Institute of Vocational Education with High Diploma in Child Care and Education. She has taught in kindergarten for two years and obtained the second class lower in Putonghua Proficiency Test. Wu served as a member of the Mandarin Society and a Putonghua news anchor when she was a student. She has considerable experience in teaching Putonghua Pinyin and conversation.

  • ZHOU Hai-yan

    Zhou holds the Certificate of the National Putonghua Proficiency Test (Level I), GAPSK Certificate for Examiner of Putonghua Proficiency Test for Kindergarten and Professional Diploma in Hong Kong Recitation Teaching and Judging. She is an experienced, patient and caring tutor who has been teaching Putonghua for 15 years.

  • CHAN Mei

    Chan came to Hong Kong in 1992 and has been teaching Putonghua since then. She obtained Grade A for the National Language Proficiency Test Level B at CUHK and the Putonghua teaching certificate at HKBU. She has rich experience in stage performance. Chan won a championship in the inaugural Hong Kong King of PinYin Competition and the Outstanding Instructor award at the 3rd Hong Kong King of Storytelling Competition. Chan specializes in teaching Putonghua, conducting Putonghua extra-curricular programs, Pinyin classes as well as Putonghua for professionals.

  • TAN Jie

    Tan is a Putonghua native speaker and she obtained the certificate of Putonghua Proficiency Test from The State Language and Writing Commission of China. Graduated from Computer-aided Translation Programme of the Chinese University of Hong Kong in 2015, she has a linguistic background. Meanwhile, she taught as a tutor for years and has experience as an intern teacher in a middle school in China. She always provides a delighting learning environment for her students with a loving heart and patience.

  • KWAN Hung

    Kwan came from the northern part of Mainland China and her mother tongue is Putonghua. She is familiar with Chinese phonetic systems, including Hanyu Pinyin and Mandarin Phonetic Symbols. She has settled in Hong Kong for many years and can speak fluent Cantonese. She holds the Certificate of the National Putonghua Proficiency Test (Level I, Grade B). Kwan also takes Putonghua teaching courses and has over 10 years of teaching experience. As a teacher, she is patient, caring and responsible. She applies active teaching methods during classes which allow children to learn Putonghua in an enjoyable way.