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The Learners Chorus "Learners 40 - Carmina Burana" Concert

Date: 18/11/2019

The Learners Chorus "Learners 40 - Carmina Burana" Concert


As the finale of the Learners Chorus’ 40th Anniversary Concert Series, the "Learners 40 - Carmina Burana" concert was held at the Hong Kong City Hall Concert Hall on 18 November. Members from the HKCC Chamber Youth and some of the alumni were invited to perform Carl Orff’s famous cantata Carmina Burana, alongside the Learners Chorus, the Learners Orchestra, soprano Colette Lam, tenor Chen Yong, baritone Sylvester Che, and the Hong Kong University Students’ Union Choir, under the baton of Apollo Wong, the music director of the Learners Chorus. Although several rehearsals had to be cancelled in the process, the performers delivered a concert of professional standard, which earned the enthusiastic support from the audience. Amid the prolonged applause of the audience, the performers offered their wishes for a brighter and harmonious future in Hong Kong by singing Below the Lion Rock (《獅子山下》) as their final piece.

*The original plan for HKCC’s Senior B to participate in this concert was cancelled by the organiser due to safety concerns.