Class FAQ


[LEAVE APPLICATION] My child is going to leave Hong Kong for a month to join a study tour, at the same time to visit our relatives overseas with the family. How can I inform HKCC about it? Will applying long leave affect my child's performance?

Leave Application can be submitted to HKCC offices in person or via postal mail or made at HKCC website when member is not able to attend classes due to different reasons. You can also refer to the Calendar of Activities on the Member Handbook for more information about member holidays every year.

Attendance is one of the main factors that HKCC will take into consideration when selecting members to perform and having the annual appraisal of members' performance. Absence for a long period of time will seriously affect member's own learning, as well as his/her ability to corporate with the whole class. Thus, being absent frequently or for a long period of time is not recommended.

[DROP-OFF & PICK-UP] Since sometimes my child is picked up or dropped off by different members of the family, can I apply for an extra Parent Card?

To safeguard the security of our members and avoid chaos during the peak periods of drop-off and pick-up, only one Parent Card will be issued to each member every year. For any lost or damaged card, please apply for a replacement by filling in the Member Card / Parent Card Replacement Request form and submit the completed form to our offices in person.

[LANGUAGE] My child is not a native Cantonese speaker and mostly speaks English or Putonghua in daily life. What language is used in HKCC's classes?

HKCC's classes are mainly delivered in Cantonese. Meanwhile, members may have opportunities to learn songs or dances from different countries and regions depending on the content of the courses.

Class Changing / Promotion to Next Grade

[CLASS CHANGING] Can I change the class time for my child? How can I do so?

A: You can request Change of Class Time online or complete the Change of Class Time Request form and submit to our offices in person or via postal mail. The Class Schedule of all programmes will be updated regularly on HKCC's website for parents' reference too.

Due to limited places in each class, request will only be granted when there is vacancy. Once the request is granted, you will be notified via telephone, followed by a "Class Time Change Confirmation" via email or fax. Members shall remain in the current classes until notification from HKCC is received.

[PROMOTION TO NEXT GRADE] Will my child automatically be promoted to the next grade after practising for a year? What is the "Performance Appraisal"?

Members will receive a Performance Appraisal written by the class tutors upon completion of the course in every school year (except for Chamber Boys and Chamber Youth) to let parents know more about their performance in class. Tutors generally determine whether or not he/she can be promoted to the next grade based on members' ability and attendance. However, factors such as age, manner and attitude of members will also affect the promotion decision. The Performance Appraisal will be issued either in June or December depending on the structure of individual programmes.


[REGISTRATION] What should I do after I have received the HKCCHOIR Mobile App token?

You should first download the HKCCHOIR Mobile App based on your mobile phone operating system (iOS / Android). Then you can watch the tutorial video here for step-by-step instructions.

[PASSWORD] I received a new notice from the mobile app but I forgot the password of my account when I try to submit the receipt. What should I do now?

If you have forgotten your password, first, please log out from your account and return to the Login page. Press the "Forgot Password" button on it and reset your password by entering your registered mobile phone number the first time when you log in the HKCCHOIR Mobile App. You will then receive an SMS with a URL. Press the link and follow the steps on that page to reset your password. You can then log in your account with the new password and submit the receipt. If you need any assistance resetting password, please contact HKCC at 2715 6525.

[MULTIPLE MEMBER ACCOUNTS] Both of my children are members of HKCC but they are in different programmes. Can the mobile app show notices for both of them at the same time?

Yes. If you have more than one child studying at HKCC, you can input all the registration tokens you have (each member will receive one token) the first time when you register on the mobile app by pressing the "+" icon on the registration page.

If you have already registered for one of your children and want to add another one, press the white triangle icon next to the parent's name on the main menu, which is located at the top left corner on the homepage. You can select "Add Member", input the registration token of the new member and he/she will be added to your account.

You can switch between accounts of different members by pressing the main menu and select the account you want to switch to according to the name and profile picture of members.

If you have lost the registration token, you can request for a new one online and the new token will be sent to you via email.

[MULTIPLE PARENT ACCOUNTS] Both my spouse and I want to receive notifications from HKCC instantly. Can we register two parent accounts with two different mobile phone numbers for the same member?

Yes. One member account can be linked to more than one mobile phone number. After receiving the registration token, you can first input the same token on the registration page on two separate phones, then register two new parent accounts with two different phone numbers and passwords. You will then be able to access the latest announcements and notices for the same member with two different parent accounts at the same time. However, in case of submitting notice's receipt, the system will treat the first submitted receipt as the one and only reply from parents. Thus, the reply function in the second parent account will be disabled once submission of a receipt from the first parent account is received.

[EXPORT PDF] Besides reviewing notice on HKCCHOIR Mobile App, is there another way to back up the soft copy on different platforms?

On notice preview page, reference number and title of the notice are displayed on top. By clicking "…" button at the top right corner next to the title, you can select "Export PDF" to save the notice directly to your email address or cloud storage. You can back up or print out the notice by following these steps.

Withdrawal Application / Reference Letter

[REFERENCE LETTER] My child is having class at TKO Centre. Can I request a Reference Letter there?

Yes. You can first download and fill in the Reference Letter Request form and submit the completed form to HKCC centres in person during office hours. All HKCC centres can handle the applications of this request. Members who have enrolled any of HKCC's classes for 6 months consecutively and those who have left HKCC for less than 3 years are eligible to obtain Reference Letter. Late application will not be accepted.

[WITHDRAWAL APPLICATION] My child is going to continue his/her study overseas. What should I do for his/her withdrawal?

Fill in the Withdrawal Application form and submit the completed form to HKCC offices in person or via postal mail. Withdrawal Application should be submitted at least 15 days prior to the Debit Date* in order to stop payment for the instalment of the class fee. Parents who submit the application late need to contact the bank to stop the payment before the Debit Date themselves. Paid class fees will neither be refunded nor used for any other purposes under any circumstances.

*The first bank working day in the odd-numbered months (Each class fee instalment is for two months)

Dance Programme FAQ

Do members of Dance Programme have opportunities to perform publicly?

HKCC organizes Dance Gala regularly (depends on the availability of venues) to encourage members to showcase their talents, build confidence and develop interpersonal skills. Dance members are often invited by some large-scale local cultural events to perform in their shows as well.

Will HKCC recommend members to participate in the public examinations?

HKCC every year recommends qualified members to participate in the following public examinations: Chinese Dance's members to Beijing Dance Academy Chinese Dance Graded Exams; Ballet's members to Royal Academy of Dance (RAD) Exams; Tap Dance's and Jazz Dance's members to Australian Teachers of Dancing (ATOD) Exams.

When will the public examinations of Dance Programme be conducted?

Beijing Dance Academy Chinese Dance Graded Exams and Australian Teachers of Dancing (ATOD) Exams are conducted in March or April every year; Royal Academy of Dance (RAD) Exams are conducted in May or June every year.

When can members of Dance Programme be promoted to the next grade?

Members are promoted to the next grade in July in order to match the public examinations' schedule.

Can members change class in between Chinese Dance, Ballet, Tap Dance, Jazz Dance and Hip Hop courses?

No. The content of the courses, the requirements of skills, as well as the practising time are not the same for different types of dance courses. Members need to apply again via the enrolments open in February and August every year if they want to join another dance course.

IEC Programme FAQ

What is the syllabus of IEC Programme on different levels?

IEC Programme is generally divided into three levels:

Nursery (I & II) Class, toddlers are led into the world of music with parents through active engagement in various interactive activities, which help to develop their big and small muscles as well as sensory integration. Members will be accompanied by a parent or guardian aged 18 or above when attending practices.

Elementary Class, toddlers are encouraged to feel the music with body movements. They will learn how to make sounds with various musical instruments. Basic concepts in music appreciation, singing, rhythm and creative dance will also be introduced; Music Foundation Class focuses on nurturing young children's musicality and topics regarding music as covered in the Elementary Class will be taught.

Intermediate Class, young children will undergo a more in-depth exploration of the aforementioned topics. Art and craft, as well as etiquette, will also be covered; Music Class focuses on developing young children's musical talents. Topics of music and etiquette as covered in the Intermediate Class will be taught.

Do members of IEC Programme have opportunities to perform?

Internal performances are arranged on the Open Day of Intermediate and Music Classes. Meanwhile, Classroom Observation is also organized for Elementary and Music Foundation Classes to let parents know more about the course. (Depends on the development of the epidemic)