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Loving Family Children Song Composition Competition

Date: 08/12/2018

Loving Family Children Song Composition Competition



Jointly organized by Lee Kum Kee Family Foundation, Wofoo Social Enterprises and The Hong Kong Polytechnic University Institute of Active Aging, the Loving Family Children Song Composition Competition was held at Pui Ching Primary School on 8 December. HKCC was invited as the guest performer to promote the harmony at home and to encourage communication between parents and kids via children songs.


Members from Junior 1J and Intermediate 2G presented 3 famous nursery rhymes, Song of the Little Chicken, Merry-go-round and The Happy Bee in the middle of the competition. They then performed the winning piece composed by HKCC alumnus Patrick Yip in last year competition If You are Willing to Listen with singer James Ng. The lyrics of the song are illustrating the importance of communicating with family and their impressive performance won a round of applause. Patrick Yip’s new work Loving Family won the Gold Award, The Best Lyricist and The Best Composer in this year competition.


The competition was broadcasted on TVB Jade at 3:30 pm on 16 December.