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“Chet Lam & HKCO” Concert

Date: 14/06/2019

“Chet Lam & HKCO” Concert



Organized by the Hong Kong Chinese Orchestra (HKCO) and conducted by Chew Hee-chiat, three ‘Chet Lam & HKCO’ concerts were held from 14 to 15 June at Hong Kong Cultural Centre Concert Hall. The Hong Kong Children’s Choir was invited to participate in it. In sticking to ‘Riding Through Boundless Lands on Music’, the theme of HKCO’s current season, a repertoire of different languages including Cantonese, Mandarin, Japanese, English, Spanish and Southern Min was performed throughout the concert, creating a travel-like experience for the audiences.


Many works in the concert are composed by Chet Lam. Not only did he sing his own works, but he also played the guitar and zhongruan, and performed many pieces with Gordon Lee, the world harmonica champion. Members from HKCC Intermediate 3A made their debut in the second half of the concert, performing with the HKCO ensemble and Chet Lam Grandma’s Bridge (arranged by Ng Cheuk-yin, choral arrangement by HKCC alumnus Ernest Hui) and Kozure Ōkami (Lone Wolf and Cub), a Japanese song. The performance combined Chinese music, children’s music and pop music perfectly, manifesting the playfulness and humour of Chinese music.