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Hong Kong Choral Conducting Competition Finalists Revealed

Date: 22/04/2019

Hong Kong Choral Conducting Competition Finalists Revealed



We are thrilled to announce the five finalists of Hong Kong Choral Conducting Competition. The finalists, listed in alphabetical order by English surname, are CHENG Chi-shan Chris, HON Chun-fung Andrew, LAU Cheuk-hey Sanders, WONG Apollo Yet-hang, YEUNG Yan-lok Felix.


Congratulations to all young conductors! Final will be held at Concert Hall of The Hong Kong Cultural Center on 24 July 2019, where finalists will conduct the Asia Pacific Youth Choir at the closing concert of Asia Pacific Choral Summit. Don’t miss the opportunity to witness the first choral conducting winners from Hong Kong.


The semi-final of the Competition was held on Monday (22 Apr), candidates rehearsed and conducted HKCC Concert Choir at their very best to compete for the final. Formed by four professional conductors, the adjudicating panels carefully observed and commented each of the individual performances, and selected the top five. The adjudicators emaphasize that the standard of all candidates are very equally high and encouraged everyone to work hard continuously for Hong Kong choral community.