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Mini-Concert 2018 (Intermediate 2 Section) and “HKCC & Friends” Concert Series: Mini-Concert (Intermediate 3 Section)

Date: 22/04/2018

Mini-Concert 2018 (Intermediate 2 Section) and “HKCC & Friends” Concert Series: Mini-Concert (Intermediate 3 Section)


HKCC holds mini-concerts for choral members every year for them to gain stage experience and learn from other choristers. The first 2 mini-concerts were successfully held on 22 April in Auditorium, Kwai Tsing Theatre. Parents could also be part of the audience to see what members had learnt.

The Intermediate 2 Mini-Concert started in the morning soon after vocal warm-up. Members brought interesting songs including Mozart Mania introducing the renowned musician, Memories in the Rain and Singin’ in the Rain which echoed with the weather that day. Members from Intermediate 2M even gave an impressive performance on Walk On with self-choreographed moves.

An old friend of HKCC, Ms KAM Wai-ling was invited to the Concert as a guest. Ms KAM was once a HKCC choral supervisor and principal of a primary school who advocated music education proactively. She gave great compliments to members’ performance and shared her advice on music education with parents.

For the afternoon “HKCC & Friends” Concert Series: Mini-Concert (Intermediate 3 Section), members sang songs with different styles on stage, such as the hopeful Credo, the soft and slow Autumn Night and the sorrowful Catch a Falling Star. One of the major highlights of the show was the performance brought by our friends from Guangzhou: Yang Cheng Children’s Choir and Panyu Xinghai Children’s Palace Choir. The former presented Dona Nobis Pacem and Sing Ding-a, Ding-a Dong, while the latter sang Lily of the Valley and Dong Dong Kui, drawing an endless applause from the floor and a perfect end to the concert.