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Intermediate 2B Mini-Concert 2018

Date: 06/05/2018

Intermediate 2B Mini-Concert 2018


After the mini-concerts last month brought by Intermediate 2 and 3 members, Intermediate 2B presented another wonderful performance to the audience on 6 May at West Kowloon Centre Recital Hall.

Under the lead of their tutors, conductor Wesley Lam and accompanist Peony Leung, the class started the 30-minute concert with Pie Jesu. The singers then performed Jasmine in duet and Just a Single Voice with solo at both the beginning and the end of the song with great confidence and different singing techniques. Besides, members also showed their remarkable effort in practicing 10 songs in Cantonese, English, Putonghua and Latin in just 4 months.

The choir sang Battle of Jericho which portrayed a Bible story as the last song to end the concert with applauses and laughter. We hope members could bring an even more impressive performance in the future.