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Junior 1M & Junior 1O Concert 2018

Date: 26/05/2018

Junior 1M & Junior 1O Concert 2018


After months of practice, members of Junior 1M and Junior 1O presented a concert at Hall, Henrietta Secondary School, bringing audience into their world of music.

Under the lead of their tutors, conductor LEE Oi-yen and accompanist Kenneth LAU, the choir sang the first movement called “Joyful School Life”, which illustrated a happy day in school with 4 songs, and ended with Going Home Happily. Members then performed “Travelling around the World”, the second movement which consisted of 3 traditional folksongs from other countries, including Sakurafrom Japan, Hava Nagila from Israel and Edelweiss from Austria. Some children wore kimono and danced to the Japanese song, enlivening the performance.

The singers finally sang the third movement which was a medley made up of familiar children’s songs in Hong Kong such as The Number SongThe Tooth-brushing Song and Playing Hopscotch, the adorable gestures of members drew loving smiles and loud applauses from their parents on the floor.