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Senior B & Senior E Mini-Concert 2018

Date: 08/07/2018

Senior B & Senior E Mini-Concert 2018


Choral classes’ Mini-Concerts were held at West Kowloon Centre Recital Hall for 2 consecutive days! Members from Senior B and Senior E started their show at 4:15 pm on 8 August. The choristers from senior classes have been received training on singing and performing for years. In order to present the most excellent performance to the audiences, they had picked up some challenging pieces of work to sing in the concert.

Led by conductor Ms Candy Chik and accompanist Mr Jason Liu, Senior E stepped on stage and perform 4 songs including Autumn and In One Accord at the beginning of the show; then Senior B, under the baton of Mr Apollo Wong and accompanied by Ms Peggie Chan, they presented 5 songs including the Hungarian song Túrót Eszik a Cigány, Cantonese songs Magical Beanland and Let Music Flow. Their beautiful voices together with the appealing expression won a round of applause.