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Junior 1I & 2F Mini-Concert 2019, Senior C Mini-Concert 2019

Date: 10/12/2019

10/12/2019 & 14/12/2019


The final two mini-concerts of the choral section were held on 10 and 14 December at the Recital Hall of HKCC’s West Kowloon Centre. First up were the little members of Junior 1I and Junior 2F. The concert was centred around the story of a butterfly and two choir members, which told of the beauty of the world through singing. The audience was much delighted by the lively and cute members who vividly performed Song of the Bumblebee and Sing a Rainbow. Towards the end, the members even transformed into little angels to invite their parents up onto the stage for two Christmas songs, rounding up the concert in a joyous and harmonious atmosphere.


The second concert was delivered by older members from Senior C. Their 30-minute programme comprised numerous Cantonese and English pieces, including The Magic of Wizard Davinza by Singaporean composer Darius Lim and If Possible by local composer Alvin Tam. Their professional performance of the Disney medley Happily Ever After, with added body movements and staging, received much praise and applause from the audience.


And as this concert concluded, the choral section mini-concerts of this year have also come to an end. Looking forward to sharing the fruits of the members' hard work with the audience again next year.