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Junior 2M and Junior 1L Mini-Concerts 2019

Date: 10/11/2019

Junior 2M and Junior 1L Mini-Concerts 2019


Two mini-concerts by Junior 2M and Junior 1L were successfully held on 10 November in the Recital Hall of HKCC’s West Kowloon Centre. They brought to the audience a series of lovely pieces with the themes “Outing in the Countryside” and “Tarzan’s Tour in Hong Kong”, respectively.

The mini-concert of Junior 2M started at 10:30 in the morning. Young members sang with high spirits a number of songs describing mountains, fields, and the countryside. Their beautiful voices and wonderful choreography in the Song of Rainbow Lights won the enthusiastic applause from the audience. Shortly after, Junior 1L delivered their performance at 12:30 pm, singing This is My Home Medley, Climb the Lion Rock, as well as familiar tunes like Beauty and the Beast. The programme was presented through an interesting story about Tarzan travelling to the city and visiting different places in Hong Kong, allowing the concert to conclude in a joyous and relaxing atmosphere.