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Elementary K Mini-Concert 2019

Date: 03/11/2019

Elementary K Mini-Concert 2019



The Mini-Concert of Elementary K was held on Nov 3 at the Recital Hall of the West Kowloon Centre. Young members presented to the audience a series of enchanting pieces that day. The concert came to an end smoothly in tremendous applause.


The theme of the concert was Singing Festival. The inspiration behind the repertoire selection came from diverse festivals throughout the year. Members performed “Gong Xi Gong Xi”, “Children are Happy Birds”, “This is Love”, “Mother, I Love You”, “Dragon Boat Racing”, “Dear Daddy”, “Mid-Autumn Moon”, “Chung Yeung Hike”, “This is Halloween” (excerpt) and “Falalala Christmas Fun” respectively, sharing with the audience the joy and happiness different festivals bring. While singing “Dear Daddy”, members even invited the daddies to perform together on stage. The moving scene was heart-warming as much as the lively performance was amusing. At last, the concert ended in a light-hearted and delightful atmosphere.