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Choral Music Around the World

  • Track List

    1. Opening Chorus from "The Bartered Bride" (Sung in Czech)

    2. Gloria from "A Little Jazz Mass" (Sung in Latin)

    3. Like a Rainbow

    4. Weep No More, Sad Fountains

    5. The Dance of Life

    6. Holy Night

    7. Jubilate Deo



    8. The Dancing Elves

    9. The Flight of the Bumble-bee


    10. Happily Ever After

    11. Musika (Sung in Russian)

    12. Hungering Hearts

    13. Njet, tol'ka tot, kto znal (Sung in Russian)

    14. Spring Rain in the Southern Kingdom

    15. Good Morning, HK!

    16. Songs from China

        The Flower Drum of Feng Yang

        School Boys


        My Home the Ocean


    Encore: Kalinka (Sung in Russian)

    Encore: Praise His Holy Name


    Item: AV315