Date: 12/11/2020

  • The Hong Kong Children's Choir was invited by Renew Vision to participate in the Aria performance at Forsgate Conservatory, Hong Kong Park, from 12 to 15, 19 to 22 November, for 16 shows on 8 days. Under the baton of Conductor Professor Johnny Poon, Assistant Conductor Dominic Lam and Vivian Suen, it was an invaluable opportunity for Concert Choir to cooperated with artists working in different disciplines under the pandemic.

  • Aria, an original production by Dr Eugene Birman, is a nocturne in the key of air. It encompasses a highly complex structure in terms of vocal and music, which attempts to enhance everyone's perception of air, thus be sensitized to our environment and transform the daily choices we make.


    Aria also integrated the big data into music composition, which public views on air pollution with scientific findings through big data analyses, are parts of the creative input when composing the work. In addition, some lyrics are based on the imagination about air from HKCC Intermediate and Senior members, for instance, "One day, air met three thieves but the thieves could never catch him. As air is air, it is invisible but essential to everyone."

  • Intermediate 3A Chong Ho Ming's work

Aria is a promenade experience woven with the ethereal and pure live vocal by HKCC Concert Choir, the exquisite dance by the professional dancers and the immersive light installations, that took visitors and audience through a night-time greenhouse at the Forsgate Conservatory in Hong Kong Park to explore the air.


The Grammy and Pulitzer Prize-winning Theatre of Voice (Denmark) also appeared in the performance via hologram, joint hands with HKCC to present a more sustainable and resilient form of international production. The audience can enjoy this pathbreaking promenade experience, which is also a breakthrough in public art, in person or via VR, which the VR version of Aria offers a 360-degree viewing experience with cameras set at the POVs of insects, birds and more. A full-length video recording will be released in due course too.


Let escape from the crowded city and sense the breaths of our mother earth through the Aria performance now.


VR Virtual Journey: