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Beat Covid & Eyecare in Covid Pandemic School Campaign's Theme Song Recording

Date: 22/11/2020

  • Organized by The Outstanding Young Persons' Association, the "Beat Covid & Eyecare in Covid Pandemic School Campaign" invited HKCC to participate in the music video of its Beat Covid HK Campaign Song 2020. The campaign aims to increase students' awareness and knowledge of Covid, to establish a "Covid-free" learning environment and extend the good practices to their families.


    Members from Intermediate 3A joined the recording and filming of the music video at AVON Recording Studio on 22 November. The theme song as well as the music video are prepared and produced by the past Hong Kong Ten Outstanding Young Persons Awardees: Warren Lee, 2012 awardee composed and arranged the theme song 2020, which the lyrics are written by Dannis Au; Barbara Wong, 2002 awardee directed and produced the music video; meanwhile, HKCC members, guided by HKCC Music Director and Principal Conductor Kathy Fok (2001 Awardee), joined hands with Louise Kwong (2019 Awardee), Siu Hoi-yan (2020 Awardee) and Anthony Lun (1993 Awardee) to beat the virus together with their heartfelt singing.


    Music Video of 2020: https://youtu.be/78fmeMwJ6ec