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Community Chest Charity Show 2020

Date: 06/06/2020

  • The annual grand charity show of Community Chest was held this year in a brand new way on 6 June. Artists located at different parts of the world were connected online and joined this meaningful event by performing via video recording or live broadcast. The Hong Kong Children's Choir was invited by TVB to participate in the show with video performance, a new way for HKCC to take part in this event.

    Intermediate 3A and the selected members collaborated with singers Frances Yip, Elisa Chan and Maria Cordero to sing a special medley composed by a few classic Cantonese pop songs, including With This Love and The Light of Friendship. Together with the live piano performance by the renowned musician Mr Chiu Tsang-hei, courage and love were delivered through the music and wishing everyone can overcome the hard times by supporting each other.